“You use a glass mirror to see your face. You use works of art to see your soul

– George Barnard Shaw

Creativity allows the soul to speak

tha cruthachalachd a’ leigeil leis an anam bruidhinn

Here we celebrate the beauty and the power of the creative arts, and explore the ways in which they inspire and uplift us.

We believe that music, art, dance, drama, poetry and language connect and transform us. We are passionate about creating opportunities to explore meaning, as well as to experience the joy and magic of creativity.

Primarily driven by the talented Siobhan, Anam Alba Creative has seen itself grow and take shape; from a guest appearance in London for ArT1st for Diabetes UK to a run at the famed Edinburgh Fringe with the newly created Little Iceberg Musical.

We are delighted to weave messages of hope, courage, compassion and friendship through stories told using the creative arts, to audiences across Scotland.

Meet Siobhan

coinneachadh siobhan

The driving force behind our creativity! Siobhan is a talented multi-instrumentalist, multi-linguist, multi-talented superstar! From the Glasgow Acting Academy, the stages of London, right up to the world famous Edinburgh Fringe, Siobhan has been wowing audiences with her energy, enthusiam and her talent for years.


The Story of The Little Iceberg Musical

sgeulachd a’ bheinn-deighe bhig

With the seeds being sown during lockdown, read all about how the storybook was taken to the studio, and then to the stage.

Auld Lang Sing

seinn auld lang

Bringing the stories of old into the present via the magic of song, Auld Lang Sing is a musical retelling of the poems of Burns, Louis Stevenson and Mary, Queen of Scots.



A story of a cat finding his forever home and a companion for life, this will be the next musical penned by Siobhan. Come and find out about the real star of Anam Alba!

Upcoming Events

tachartasan ri thighinn

There’s always something coming up at Anam Alba, and as always, we’d love for you to be a part of it. From pilgrimages, to craft events, to full-blown stage productions, see what we’re up to next.

Our Friends at GAA

Our collaboration with Glasgow Acting Academy (GAA) has been a joy, we have been incredibly fortunate to have benefitted from their generosity and expertise. They have championed us from the beginning and have come forward multiple times to support us and offer their involvement in everything that we do.

We look forward to more collaborative projects supporting the arts, young people and our growing community!

Follow them here if you want to find out more – Glasgow Acting Academy – GAA.

Steve Russell

Artistic Director

Steve was the artistic director on Auld Land Sing and The Little Iceberg Musical.

An incredible talent, we have been blessed with his directing skills and interpretations of our shows since the very early days.

Visit Steve’s website here.

Ryan Little


Helping to co-write Auld Lang Sing, Ryan is partly responsible for bringing Scottish folk to life.

Ryan is already involved in our next project, as the co-writer for Vintage Christmas… coming soon!

Visit Ryan’s Instagram here.

Caitlin Gillespie

General Manager

Caitlin is the stalwart behind our artistic and creative endeavours; always ready to make opportunities for the students possible.

Her advice and guidance has been invaluable in bringing our shows to life, and is always up for collaboration.

Maddie Grieve

Acting Tutor

Maddie is an Anam Alba OG, as she was part of the original Little Iceberg cast!

Bringing a wealth of experience, talent and guidance to the performances.

Rachel Campbell

Musical Director

Rachel worked with the team on Auld Lang Sing when Siobhan was unable to make rehearsals.

Always in the background, her support and encouragement has been invaluable.

Maxine Scott

Jazz Tutor

For the first musical venture, You’re On Mute, Maxine helped to choreograph parts of the show.

She brought lots of enthusiasm and energy to the show, giving it that extra shine.