Meet Fingal!

Coming soon to a stage near you; the real star of the show!

He yodels. He sings. He plays the piano. He dreams of Dreamies. He acts. He talks. But who is Fingal? Where did he come from?

For you see, if this gentle ginger tabby could do more than meow, he would tell you of his story, of his life. He is not just Siobhan’s cat, he is a brave and fearless adventurer, who undertook an epic voyage before finding his forever home with Siobhan and Simon.

Thankfully however, whilst “cat” is surprisingly not one of the many languages Siobhan speaks, their unspoken bond means that she is able to translate his ramblings, yodelings, and his life story into a musical, told through the eyes of Fingal, and through a trauma-informed lens.

As you read this, Siobhan is hard at work at the piano (if Fingal will let her sit down!), and Fingal is snoozing away, confident in the knowledge that the success of this musical will mean an unlimited supply of Dreamies.

Fingal The Cat