Introducing Tenderness Days!

Welcome to our brand new series!

Anam Alba and connected baby introduce our first Tenderness Day in this series; WELCOME

Hello and a special announcement if you are between 0 and 18 months old. Would you like to come along to our Tenderness Day?

Bring your mum or dad, or a special person who loves you to the moon and back, and knows the most about your journey here and your birth. In fact, bring a second favourite person too, and they can help if you get tired or hungry or want to make friends in a really bouncy chatty way.

The people who love you most are going to want to talk about you, play with you and find out more about all the amazing things you can already do. It will be a delight for them, they will be able to boast about you and you will go home still talking about all the fun you had.

Here are some of the things you and your favourite people will be doing;

o Making up and singing your own lullaby
o Playing games to show off all the ways that you can already communicate
o Hearing all about the story of your arrival, it was such a big adventure and it’s a thrilling story!
o Chilling out and breathing with your most loved people, it helps them relax and makes them happy

Does that not sound like an amazing day? Add to that good food, time outside and comfy cushions and blankets and wow! You should definitely arrange to come and bring along your closest people.

We will also be running an extended 8 week Tenderness Days programme, which you can find out more about here.

Arrangements for our Tenderness Day

Anam Alba will sponsor 2 places for a baby to attend with their chosen adults.

If you are a parent or auntie or a tender adult who wishes to sponsor a baby to come on a Tenderness Day then please get in touch.

Anam Alba will also provide 4 volunteer slots for each day. If you wish to be involved, learn more or gain work experience, please register your interest. All places will be on a first come first serve basis and will be subject to PVG approval.

Our Tenderness Day Dates & Locations

June 1st

Lullaby Lane Nursery at Golf It!
1240 Cumbernauld Road,
G33 1AH

June 15th

Lullaby Lane Nursery at Bearsden and Milngavie Sports Club,
Auchenhowie Road
G62 6EJ 

June 29th

Lullaby Lane Nursery at Bearsden and Milngavie Sports Club,
Auchenhowie Road
G62 6EJ 

Price (including lunch) £60

Registering your interest for our Tenderness Day

Great! We’d love to see you there in some shape or capacity. If you are interesting in attending, volunteering or sponsoring, please use the form below to get in touch, and one of our team will get back to you.

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