All About Fiona

Our Craniosacral Therapist

While Fiona, as a young person had interests in art, anatomy and biology, she headed off in
entirely the wrong direction and accidentally trained as a teacher. This took her on a long-
convoluted path through various classrooms, ASN bases and (as it was known then) the EBD
(emotional, behavioural difficulties) sector, to discover that what fascinates us and what
stirs our souls, can ultimately be presented to us in many different ways.

Fiona trained in an innovative and still relatively unknown approach called CUSTTAD;
Combined Use of Sand Trays and Talk and Draw, developed by Sheila K Cameron. She is unequivocal in her belief that the core principle of CUSTTAD – to create an environment which is conducive to the sharing of emotional concerns if a child wishes to do so – is essential to most homes, workplaces and relationships.

In 1997 the Yorkhill NHS Trust Department of Child and Family Psychiatry carried out and evaluation of CUSTTAD for their Strategic Planning Group. More information can be found at

South Lanarkshire Council, and various key people in post at the time, supported the establishment of Custtad as a principal component of Tier 1 assistance for schools dealing with children who were unsettled for whatever reason.

That was 21 years ago and custtad is now embedded as a valued resource within SLC.  Fiona has seen countless children over that period of time, overseeing the setting up of rooms as well as training and supervising Custtad workers.

In addition to being a Custtad worker, Fiona trained in Craniosacral Therapy, reflexology and QEC, driven by her unending fascination with the inherent and constant attempt that our bodies, hearts and minds make to resolve and heal what troubles them.

Fiona is a passionate defender of the magic of childhood, protector of imagination and an advocate of storytelling. It was on this basis that she decided upon home education for her son.  She believes that tenderness and touch are essential to wellbeing, that caring and homemaking are happiness components for all generations and that food should be shared around tables where everyone is welcome.

As part of Epione Training’s #SeeMeHearMe series, Fiona wrote a powerful blog called “Be humble, for you are made of earth. Be noble, for you are made of stars…”, and you can read that here.

Her vision for Anam Alba is that we connect and build community with each other, on our doorsteps, in the time and place that we find ourselves alive and breathing.