All About Frankie

Our HeartMath Therapist

Frankie’s closest friend and lifelong companion is St John of the Cross, (or as he is known in the house – Johnifor) The love of his poetry, his commentaries and the wisdom held in the pages of books written by this 16th century mystic inspired a journey of dedication giving way to a process of learning, applying and experiencing what it means to walk your own spiritual path.

Frankie was illiterate until the age of 33. A working-class background, dyslexia and schooling where being belted was the stand out memory, Frankie had no option but to forge his own path in the world.  He taught himself every trade and skill needed to run his own building business. Later on, he learned to cook and run a café, where he was famous for creating a soup for every day of the year!

As a mature student he reclaimed his education and graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor of Divinity from Glasgow University. He also completed a diploma in Clinical and Pastoral Counselling.

Frankie’s interests lie in the psycho-spiritual journey from pre-conception to death, inherited family trauma, birth psychology and the importance of the autonomic nervous system. He is a Certified Heartmath Coach and QEC practitioner, and has a particular interest in healing through the process of the Dark Night of the Soul.

Frankie wrote a gripping blog for Epione Training entitled “There’s a place in the soul where you’ve never been wounded”, and you can read that here.

He is presently writing a book, following a long period of both home educating his son and caring for his late mum.  He loves gardening, cycling, dancing, cars, speaking Italian, baking and you are lucky indeed if you are invited to enjoy his coffee and soup around his table!